The Hotel Act requires most short term rental property to have a Hotel Licence.


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On 19 August 2016, Thailand’s Ministry of Interior Ministerial Regulation Prescribing Descriptions of Other Types of Building Used for a Hotel Business Operation 2016 under the Building Control Act (1979) The MR will remain in effect for five years.

However, it applies only to buildings that existed before it came into force and whose owners desire to use the property as “Hotel” (as defined by the Hotel Act) with either:

(a) rooms only;

(b) rooms and food service/restaurant facilities.

The three categories of buildings that are eligible for this re-classification are as follows:

Type 1: a building with not more than two floors and not more than 10 rooms;

Type 2: a building that is not a Type 1 building and which does not have more than twenty rooms;

Type 3: a building that is not a Type 1 building and which does have more than twenty rooms.

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