Welcome to our blog and the articles we will be writing for Communities, Countries, Travellers & Hosts.

Welcome to a NEW world of OTA design and operation.

Designed to allow Hosts to operate a successful, legal short term accommodation business, and for Travellers to make secure, legal, safe, cheap accommodation bookings.

Our entire system with all its websites, portals, tools, applications, marketing & advertising is FREE for Hosts & Travellers.

If you are interested in our worldwide project.

We are always looking for contributors to our work and to keep our costs as low as possible. If you have had enough of airbnb and other Global OTA’s affects on your community due to their illegal listings and unethical business practices.

Maybe you would like to contribute articles, or you are a great coder, website designer, marketing and advertising professional or any other interested member of the travel industry who wants to make a BETTER Online Travel Agency for Individual Countries, Communities, Hosts & Travellers.

If that is you. Great. Please give some of your free time and skills to us.

This is a Host & Traveller System, for YOU to make what you want, and need.

We are not creating this new style of travel agency to go from $10 – $31 million like airbnb, but we will obviously have expenses to operate and improve YOUR system.

Anything we can do to change the system to suit Travellers or Hosts. Let us know.

We will try.

It is YOURS.

We will save Hosts money on commission.

We save Travellers money on charges.

This totally NEW style of OTA gives direct contact between Host & Traveller, for wherever you want to book.

No Fees. No Charges. No Commissions.

We are building our websites, portals, services, system and database to launch in 20+ countries during 2019.

Each country has specific laws, rules and regulations relating to property rental. Our system and websites are being specifically designed for each individual country.


Will be able to ensure their accommodation is legally trading.

If they have been sold an illegal rental by one of the many Online Travel Agents. We will make the Agent legally responsible for any costs Travellers incur through cancellation or relocation.

Direct contact with legally trading Hosts will enable cheaper rates, room upgrades or anything else the Host would like to offer. There are no Commission, Charges or Fees from us, so the Host can always give the Traveller something.

Lots of interesting tools and services for Hosts:

Free Listing for ALL legally trading accommodation rentals.

Including: Hotels, Guest Houses, Private Villas, Rooms above Bars & Restaurants, Homestays & Condominiums.

Free Website Builder

Free Accounting

Free Calendar Sync

Free Operating Downloads

Free Legal Info

Free Direct Traveller Contact & Booking

Free Marketing & Advertising

Free Legal “How To” Set-Up Guide

You will be surprised what we offer, and AMAZED that it is all FREE.

We know you will love the NEW Traveller & Hosts Global Online Travel Agent that is Operated and Designed by Hosts & Travellers.

Taking a Global Business back to benefiting Local Economic Development.