Welcome to stage ONE of our new style of OTA.

We are working hard to break down the globalisation of the travel industry and return it to the hands of hosts and local agents.

We are starting in Thailand.

There will be NO Commissions, Fees or Charges.

Hosts will be fully informed and have access to all the legal requirements and regulations, with the ability to download the correct trading and operating forms.

Travellers are ensured their booking and payment is secure.

Forget minimum rates, currently forced by global OTA’s onto Hosts.

The first complete legal database of rental accommodation operating in Thailand.

airbnb, agoda, homeaway, expedia, tripadvisor and many other BIG players in the vacation rental market are taking your money and letting you and your family stay in illegal accommodation.

This is purely for profit and they have no concern for the law or the affect on travellers.

  1. Last minute cancellations
  2. Inspections and evictions
  3. Ruined holidays
  4. Insurance invalid
  5. Stress & Inconvenience

All My Legal Hotel does is confirm if your holiday booking accommodation is legally trading, and that your payment is secure.

If your search result is: NO LICENCE

Your Booking Confirmation Request will go direct to your booking OTA and the hotel.

This notification costs you nothing and makes them legally responsible for any expenses you incur through their compliance in marketing illegal rentals.

If your rental accommodation has No Hotel Licence showing in our database and you are booking accommodation for less than 30 days, YOU are risking your holiday and money.

If your search result is: NO LISTING

Complete our Contact Form and we will try and update our system within 24 hours.


ALL Travellers can Book Direct with the Hotel with NO CHARGES or FEES

This will enable your accommodation provider to offer you a special rate, room upgrade, welcome pack or any other promotion they would like to offer the Traveller (As there are NO Commissions, Fees, Monthly Subscriptions, Joining Fees or any other Charges for the Host or Traveller)

DIRECT CONTACT between Traveller & Host. FREE


Our database is constantly being updated as new licences are issued.

If you have any questions for us or you would like us to do a specific check on your booked accommodation, please send details in the Contact Us

If your booking is for more than 30 days you can see amazing options and prices at www.thaibnb.com