WE are NOT the SAME

Our main objective is to break down the globalisation of the travel industry and the pressure it exerts on communities, travellers, hosts and countries.

We will try to help in slowly returning each countries travel industry back to local agents and hosts (It is not too late yet) who operate legally and profitably to safeguard the future of the tourism industry, by encouraging local economic development, removing commissions and charges, providing safe and legal accommodation for travellers, that complies with government regulations.

Major Global OTA’s which are mainly owned by 4 Giant Global Companies are entirely profit driven and have no right to exploit a countries tourism industry and hosts by controlling prices, charges, commissions, allocation and popularity in searches. (They have only had control for 10 years)

Travellers are being deceived and tricked into staying in illegal vacation rentals with no support when this is reported, or affects travellers. They have full knowledge of Thai Law and hide behind Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Section 230(c)(1) provides immunity from liability for providers and users of an “interactive computer service” who publish information provided by third-party users:

No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

We do not agree with this when it involves deceiving the estimated 1.8 Billion Annual Travellers, and we will follow the path below to ensure more transparent and ethical trading is adopted by the offending Global Giants.

  • We will bring to light any illegally rented short term accommodation being offered in Thailand in accordance with the Hotel Act.
  • We will protect travellers from booking illegal short term rentals.
  • We will force OTA’s to obey the laws regarding short term rentals and their listings.
  • We will force OTA’s and Travel Agents to only allow travellers to stay in safe and regulated short term rentals.
  • We will force any agent or OTA to accept financial responsibility for letting you and your family book and stay in unregulated holiday accommodation.
  • We will help and encourage ALL hosts to list their accommodation rentals legally and make a profit.
  • We will protect investors from buying illegally operating short term rental businesses.
  • We will ensure real estate agency’s are legally and correctly marketing any business that relies on short term rental accommodation income.
  • We will ensure the laws of Thailand are followed.
  • We will give direct contact between hosts and legally operating short term rentals.
  • We will take the vacation home rental industry away from the global players that currently control pricing, allocation, marketing and have no regard for Thailand and its laws.
  • We will try and help return the industry back to local hosts and travellers, reduce the costs and restrictions enforced by the globalisation of the travel industry from a few BIG Global Companies that are currently destroying it.
  • We will provide legal time and date registered proof of your submission request for booking confirmation. This can be used by any Travellers to initiate legal action to recover any expenses incurred through being KNOWINGLY sold an illegal vacation rental.

These are all very bold statements and big ambitions. We intend to work from country to country throughout the world with our diverse team who are very motivated, experienced, dedicated, forward thinking and above all we are not profit driven.

Our project will affect thousands of businesses throughout Thailand, as this is our chosen first country.

Many travel agents, property owners, business owners and OTA’s may see our new system as a direct attack on their business. However, we are trying to help Hosts and the 41 million visitors to Thailand.

You will eventually be required to follow the laws and with the increasing enforcement of the Hotel Act and the penalties you are risking, it is time to change.

The first part of our project is designed for Thailand short term accommodation rentals and will enable travellers, businessmen and investors to ensure they are not being sold or paying for something that is illegal.

To achieve this we have created a complete database of over 70,000 listed rental accommodation properties offered throughout Thailand.

We then acquired a list of all Hotels with a licence and able to legally offer daily rentals.

  • You can search our system FREE
  • Get your result FREE
  • Direct contact with legally trading accommodation providers FREE
  • Check real estate listings licence status FREE
  • Direct notification to the Agent or OTA confirming they will accept full responsibility for allowing you to book and stay in illegal hotels. FREE

If a search shows NO LICENCE or NO LISTING it is very likely that the accommodation provider can only allow rentals of 30+ days and is therefore breaking the law.

The consequences of operating illegal accommodation rentals in Thailand can be very severe for offenders and causes travellers to have ruined holidays and financial losses.

If you are listing illegal rentals you should change your business to comply with the law or you WILL be legally responsible for your Guests/Customers claims as their insurance is invalid through your illegal actions.

For Hosts in Thailand we are providing a totally FREE service including direct contact with hosts, website builder, accounting, licence and regulations downloads, calendar sync and more…….ALL FREE