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If you are buying a property or business, or even taking on a lease for property in Thailand that is advertised as a Hotel, GuestHouse, Homestay, Bar with Rooms, Condominium or any other property/business that relies on income from daily rentals.


Many agents and owners are still marketing property for sale using these false descriptions.


Without a Hotel Licence you will only be able to rent for a minimum of 30 days, which will dramatically affect your potential income.

Agents and Owners need to ensure their listing description is correct to ensure buyers are made aware of the law in Thailand with regards to rentals of less than 30 days.

If you are considering any investment relying on income from daily rentals you need to establish if the property already has a Hotel Licence or an Exemption/Non-Hotel Licence.

If the property has either of the above licences you can fairly safely proceed with your investment after checking details with your lawyer.

You will need to follow certain regulations and also change manager details on the licence (if applicable).

If the property does not have a licence you need to be very careful. Most short term rental property (less than 30 days) in Thailand are required to have a Hotel Licence, regardless of building type or description.

Please see the ammendment of August 19th 2016 to the 2004 Hotel Act.

Please see the Condominium Act.


You should initially question your real estate agent as to the current date of the licence issued (valid for 5 years).

You should enquire at your District Office for Licence Confirmation.

You should ensure the property will be able to obtain a future licence by requesting an inspection fro your District Office and City Hall.

Ensure your Building & Land Tax has been paid up to date at City Hall. (Company Owned Property)


If there is NO LICENCE for your property you will find obtaining a licence is an expensive and lenghty process, with no guarantee of success.


DO NOT BUY/RENT or LEASE a property without a licence if you are relying on short term rental income.


Is YOUR "Hotel"trading legally in Thailand?